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Biking to School is a Start

Biking to School – Thoughts From a Mom Spending my life seeking adventure has led to many exhilarating experiences. Backpacking, mountain biking, water sports, triathlons, adventure races and trail runs have kept me relatively agile, youthful and entertained. Since August this year, I have undertaken the most exciting, terrifying, and satisfying experience of them all: […]

Is It Ever Going to Turn Green?! – Bikes & Traffic Signals

Traffic Signal Timing in Springfield I was enjoying a nice fall bike commute home last week and had the longest red light ever. I thought I was standing in the proper location to trip the light signal, but progress seemed slow. I was tempted to run it, but the thought of getting injured or being […]

Is Springfield Ready for Bike Share?

As Springfield and Greene County continue adding bicycle trails, routes, and lanes to our road system to accommodate cyclists, we are seeing an increase in bicycle use for everyday transportation needs. This is a good thing on many levels which we have reviewed in previous blog posts. A more bicycle friendly community is good for […]

Dump the Pump!

National Dump the Pump Day-June 18, 2015 On June 18, 2015, American Public Transportation Association (APTA), and public transportation systems across the country, will celebrate the 10th Annual National Dump the Pump Day. With the continued fluctuation of gas prices, everyone is looking for ways to save money. National Dump the Pump Day encourages people to […]

The Greenway Trails Make Great Places to Walk

A Look at a Sidewalk Carl Glasemeyer, one of our STAR Team committee members relayed to us a walking experience he and his wife have started practicing. Here are some of their observations from a walk last week… The realm of the sidewalk is a vastly separate world from the street. Walking allows for a […]

A Valentine’s Day Walk

Put Some Heart in Your Walk Our Let’s Go Smart blog posts tend to run heavy on the cycling side of issues as we struggle to find good stories on the simplicity of walking that most of us take for granted. The movement of a pedestrian, it’s just one foot in front of the other […]

Getting Rich Bicycling – In More Ways Than One

Road Money and the Great Pumpkin I have a game I play when cycling on my daily commute: keeping an eye out for what my daughter and I call “road money.” I have no idea what natural forces suck money from cars or the mind set that compels a person to throw change out their […]

Featured Ozark Greenways Trail – Wilson’s Creek

Wilson’s Creek – One of Springfield’s Premiere Trails Time to get everyone up to speed on a little sleeper of a trail in our system that we think you will find interesting, and is one of the best family friendly trails we have. This month we will introduce you to a short but pretty nice section […]

Springfield Staycation: Hit The Trails

Adding The Trails To Your Vacation Recipe If you happen to be in the “been there done that” category of family vacations, and your souvenir T-shirts are overtaking your closet, consider the Ozark Greenways’ recipe for a family Labor Day vacation.  When it comes to a summertime fun vacation there is no shortage of places […]

A Prescription For Walking In Springfield

Lemonade Stands and Walking, A Surprising Correlation I was on a mission to really organize the clutter in my office the other day and squeeze some additional efficiently into my work environment. In the first three minutes I uncovered a 1999 issue of the Greene County Medical Society’s publication the Bulletin. Yes, 1999 was 15 […]

Let’s Walk To School

Hop On The Walking School Bus While riding the Frisco Highline Trail last night, I was thrilled to see so many people.  Not just middle aged people like me, but moms, dads, and grandparents with kids of all ages.  Even teenagers riding their bikes!  So then I began to wonder, do these same moms, dads, or […]

The Solution To Air Pollution

Using Active Transportation To Improve Air Quality in Springfield. In the past week I have traveled by car, airplane, train, bicycle, taxi, bus, subway and on foot. I passed on an opportunity to move by horse, as I am not fond of the way they handle curves. With my eyes set on the horizon and […]

What Missouri Amendment 7 Means for Active Transportation

Active Modes of Transportation & Missouri Constitutional Amendment  On Tuesday, August 5, 2014, Missouri voters will be going to the polls.  One constitutional amendment that is up for vote is Amendment 7.  You may have seen signs around that say Fix Missouri Roads and Bridges, Yes on 7, or Keep Families Safe & Missouri Moving.  These […]

Adventure Cycling In Springfield

What Bicycle Tourism Would Do For Springfield Let’s Go Smart This is what we say and much of our message is about the active or less consumptive modes of transportation.   As you read our blog, you’ll find a lot of information on  using bicycles for transportation. But, it is summer and we should talk about […]

A Look At Springfield’s Public Transit in 1921

Ding Ding Goes the Trolley   KSMU posted a story by Emma Wilson on the history of transportation in Springfield.  It was a great article, but I cannot find it online anymore to reference.   So, I started doing a little researching myself.  I find it interesting that history repeats itself even in the form of […]

Stop The Excuses. Start Bicycle Commuting.

It’s Easy To Commute By Bicycle, Really. Our wannabe bicycle commuter in the previous post may made the usual excuses for not biking to work, as many others do, and she seemed disappointed for not achieving her initial goal. However, after reading the post I was not as “disappointed” as she anticipated. Let’s really look this challenge over […]

Diary Of A Wannabe Bike Commuter: Chapter 3

The Roadblocks Preventing Springfield From Cycling To Work  Yes, I know.  It was in February of this year when I announced to the world that this is going to be my year to ride my bike to work.  I know you all are just waiting on pins and needles to hear about my commuting experience.  You are […]

The Real Reason Springfield Isn’t Walking

Let’s Overcome The Walking Crisis Two weeks ago I was exposed to a brief view of the Ozarks landscape from thousands of years ago. Back then, some pretty weird creatures roamed the hillsides. These beasts were larger than anything we would see today and I wondered how the ancient hillbilly kept up with– and got […]

Accessibility & Active Transportation

Walk A Mile In Their Shoes Have you ever heard someone say, “If you walked a mile in my shoes, then you would understand?”  As of late, I have been spending a lot of time with a few people in our community who have a disability.  Two who are visually disabled and one who is in […]

Alternative Transportation News In Springfield, MO

Alternative Transportation Becomes Active Transportation Let’s revisit the topic of alternative transportation this week. We have a couple of updates in Springfield on the “AT” front.  The first is we are rebranding our focus, and while it is just a change in terminology, we think it’s a more comprehensive image of the components and direction […]

Memorial Day Walk

Make A Memorial Day Resolution To Walk More I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.  It’s too early in the year to commit to something you may not like, enjoy, or find interesting.  I like to try things out, see how they fit, mull over the options, and then, if the mood feels right, I might […]

Not Your Typical Bicycle Tips

The Most Unique Bicycle Tips You’ll Ever Read Wednesday, May 14, and we are at hump day of Bike to Work Week in Springfield.  How’s it going out there?  Given the weather conditions we should be having Walk your Umbrellas to Work Week. Many of you helped kick off Bike to Work Week on Saturday […]

Upcoming Springfield Bicycle Events

Join Us For The Tour De Ozarks, A Bicycle Festival We know it’s May when we see an increase of bicycles on the streets in Springfield. Nationally, May is bicycle month, and depending on your geographic location a week in May will be designated Bike to Work Week.  For most of the Midwest, including Springfield, Bike […]

Bike To Work Week, May 12-16

Help Make Springfield A Biking City By Registering For Bike To Work Week I feel the collective sigh as spring settles in “for real.” Everyone is out trying to soak up as much of it as possible. I love that our area is so active outdoors. You can see more and more people using their […]

Featured Springfield Trail: South Dry Sac

Bikers, Runners And Hikers Will Love The South Dry Sac This week’s blog features one of Ozark Greenways’ north side trails – the South Dry Sac.  Yes, even though it is on the north side of Springfield, it is named after the southern tributary of the Little Sac River which eventually flows into Stockton Lake. […]

Drive Smart, Take Care Of Your Car

Car Care Month I just watched the odometer on my 2001 truck turn to 280,000 miles this week. Every five or six months there is some type of repair to contend with.  I always ask, “Is it worth it to put that much money into this thing?” My answer for the past three years has […]

Try Taking The Bus, Not The SOV

The Many Reasons To Give The Bus A Go The wheels on the bus go round and round… round and round. Let’s talk about the bus this week.  “What?” you ask,  “there are buses in Springfield?” Yes, there are buses in Springfield and, if you have never ridden one, you may be missing one of […]

Free Bicycle Course

Free Bicycle Traffic Skills Course And Why You Should Attend We are back to the subject of bikes this week. I want to hit this subject for two reasons. First, the weather is changing and bike season is here. This past weekend, while a bit windy, was a dream for cyclists. The bike traffic on […]

Walking Power

The Power of Walking For Active Transportation We talk a lot about cycling for transportation on this site. And we promote use of the city bus system, and we even drive the car around town if it is done efficiently.  However, today we would like to discuss our feet.  There is a lot of power […]

Try The Trail Challenge, Springfield

Together We Can Log The Most Miles In Missouri In just 24 hours, spring begins. Given the weather the past seven days, I am wondering if Mother Nature is aware of her position on the calendar. Then again, do we really pay any attention to the weather or the calendar? For many, last week was Spring Break […]

Diary Of A Wannabe Bike Commuter – Chapter Two

What We Learned From Mark Fenton I believe my last post was a couple of months ago and I claimed to the world this was going to be my year to ride my bike to work.  Maybe I claimed that a little too early since this has been the coldest winter we have seen in decades. […]

The Latest Alternative Transportation Updates In Springfield

Exciting Changes Are Coming To Springfield’s Alternative Transportation Scene Well folks, we have been given our topic for this week’s blog.  We draw the topic out of a hat every week from a list of issues and questions sent to us from our knowledgeable readers. This week’s winning topic was “What’s happening In Alternative Transportation […]

Springfield Welcomes Mark Fenton

Mark Fenton To Speak At The Ozark Greenways Meeting On March 6th at 6p.m. Springfield may be known as the birthplace of the Mother Road, but the Queen City is working to put its name out there as a healthy, bicycle friendly community also. Have you heard the phrases “Walk this way,” “Springfield’s on the […]

The Impact Of Going Car-Lite In Springfield

Benefits Of A Car-Free Or Car-Lite Springfield Well, we have the Wannabe Bike Commuter out there, and we have the Wannabe Better Bike Commuter right here. As I was driving a rented car to Jefferson City for a meeting yesterday, I was wondering, what might motivate more people to give alternative transportation a try?  What […]

Walkable Springfield

Let’s Make Springfield A Walkable City There is no arguing the fact that people in Springfield love their cars.  It can be seen on the streets throughout the day.  Impatient drivers speeding down the street, traffic backups at intersections, drivers honking at each other to get out of the way… Wouldn’t it be nice to […]

Bicycle Commuting With Your Kids

Go Smart With Your Children Last week we received a great question about how you might do a bit of bicycle commuting with a child. My first thoughts were, are you crazy? That’s some dangerous stuff!  It’s bad enough you’re out there in the way with a bike, and now you want to bring your […]

Advice For The Wannabe Bike Commuter

Become A Bicycle Commuter How about a round of applause for the “Wannabe Bike Commuter” in our January 22nd blog post? There was some fantastic intention, backed with the good skill, equipment, and safety knowledge to make that commuter goal come true. And we could break down the excuse list one at a time: too hot, […]

Diary of a Wannabe Bike Commuter – Chapter One

Chapter One: Becoming A Bike Commuter As the sun shines on the horizon and I step outside to a brisk six degrees, I tell myself “Today is definitely NOT the day.”  What day is this I speak of?  The day I start riding my bike to work!  I am an avid supporter of biking, an […]

The 100 Missouri Miles Trail Challenge

The Best Trail State In America In case you missed it, Missouri was awarded the “Best Trail State in America” by American Trails Inc. last April.  I have always questioned the true value of an award. Is an award a message that you have succeeded—you’re at the top, time to quit? Or is it a […]

The Great Trail Challenge

Featured Trail: Frisco Highline As this is our first blog entry for 2014 we have decided to kick it off with a challenge and a question. The question is, how many of you have walked, ran, biked or fully explored all 68-miles of our greenway trail network in Springfield? That question is also our challenge. […]

Winter Driving Tips

How To Drive Safely This Winter Last week, we talked about walking and riding the bus in the slushy snow.  Although there are some people who will still brave the elements to walk or ride the bus in the snowy weather, we certainly realize others still want to drive—and that’s okay! But we can’t leave […]

Winter Time Walking & Bus Riding

Everything You Need To Know To Walk Or Ride The Bus This Winter Bread, milk and all the basics gone from shelves of all the grocery stores, car lines to the gas pumps three miles long, kids crossing their fingers hoping it was all true and school will be cancelled – what is going on? […]

The Let’s Go Smart And Ozark Greenways Connection

Our Connection To The Ozark Greenways In our last post, we mentioned the STAR Team was a committee  under the Ozark Greenways. And again we had a couple of inquiries. Thanks for the great questions and keep them rolling in. Question #1: Why is the Ozark Greenways working to better Springfield’s transportation options? Before I […]

Who Is The STAR Team

Who Is This STAR Team We Speak Of As we have gotten the Let’s Go Smart website up and running we have had an inquiry or two on just who is the STAR Team and how did all this get started? That’s a great question. Many years ago, let’s say six years, there were several […]

Become A SMARTicipant

Join The Cause We are trying to make the Let’s Go Smart website a fun, interactive site that benefits the people of Springfield. To do this, we need your help! Yep, we want to hear your stories and experiences about alternative transportation modes, tips and tricks. So we developed a feature on the website called […]

An Introduction To Let’s Go Smart & Alternative Transportation

Learn About Let’s Go Smart & The Alternative Transportation Movement Greetings and welcome to our refreshed Let’s Go Smart website and our first LGS blog entry.  It is our intent to bring you features both local and from around the country that are relevant to the national movement of making our communities more livable, healthier […]

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