Who is behind Let’s Go Smart?
Let’s Go Smart is a partnership led by Ozark Greenways, designed to encourage residents and visitors of Springfield to consider their transportation choices. Whether it’s walking, biking, riding the bus, carpooling, driving or any combination, “going smart” means thinking ahead and deciding which option makes the most of our health, environment, resources and quality of life.

With support from the Healthy Living Alliance, City of Springfield, City Utilities, Ozarks Transportation Organization and MoDOT, Let's Go Smart began as the idea of a few individuals over coffee: How do we get more people in Springfield to use active transportation more often? Change takes time, building momentum as our bike routes expand, as our bus system improves and new transportation trends take hold. Motor vehicles are here to stay, but other modes of getting around Springfield are picking up in popularity. The benefits of driving less are clear, so hopefully before starting up that car or taking an unnecessary car trip, you'll stop and think about your options. Even small changes can make a big difference. If we can help you find a route, let us know!
Who is the Ozarks Transportation Organization?
The Ozarks Transportation Organization (OTO), Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is the federally designated regional transportation planning organization that serves as a forum for cooperative transportation decision-making by state and local governments, and regional transportation and planning agencies. MPOs are charged with maintaining and conducting a "continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive" regional transportation planning and project programming process for the MPO's study area. The study area is defined as the area projected to become urbanized within the next 20 years. The MPO includes local elected and appointed officials from Christian and Greene Counties, and the cities of Battlefield, Nixa, Ozark, Republic, Springfield, Strafford and Willard. It also includes technical staffs from the Missouri Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Administration, and the Federal Aviation Administration. Staff from local governments and area transportation agencies serve on OTO's Technical Planning Committee (TPC) which provides technical review, comments, and recommendations on draft MPO plans, programs, studies, and issues.

Visit www.ozarkstransportation.org for more information
Can I take my bike on the bus?
City Utilities  buses have bike racks on all CU buses to encourage bike and bus commuting.  Visit the City Utilities Transit website to learn more about taking your bike on the bus.

How do I volunteer to support trails in the region?
Ozark Greenways uses volunteers in various ways to help expand and improve our community's trail network. Volunteers lead the organization and advocacy efforts. They also help with quarterly trail work days, special projects, serving on committees and the Ozark Greenways Board of Directors. Volunteers are sought for the activities listed on the Ozark Greenways Events page also.

Ozark Greenways committees include the Let's Go Smart committee, Technical Planning committee, Friends of the Frisco, and Land Trust Committee. For committee descriptions and contact info, visit their About Us page.

Also, follow the "OG Volunteer Trail Crew" Facebook page at www.facebook.com/OGtrailcrew for a current list of trail tasks that Ozark Greenways needs help with!