Greenways Connect Us to Each Other

It turns out training on the trails is a good way to begin a relationship, a good way to test one, and a good way to help one thrive. As the years pass by us, it has become clear to Sally and I that we are at our best together on Springfield’s trails. Life’s challenging issues and pivotal decisions get their proper consideration during long, slow conversations on runs, walks and bike rides on the trails. As our marriage evolves over the years, the greenways remain our refuge from the world, untethered to a cell phone and without all the distractions of life inside four walls.

If you’re reading this and have a tendency to withdraw from the world and people in it, I encourage you to venture out onto the Ozark Greenways trails and discover what they have to offer you. Trail users are generally a friendly bunch. I think the are softened by the environment around them. The eye contact is better. The friendly waves are more frequent. The trail vibe is generally very relaxed. Give it a shot. You may find, like I did, that the quality of your life improves by making some lasting friends along the trails.